Мадам Накамура-Бранчевска
Куда, петербургские жители,
Толпою весёлой бежите вы?
Какое вас гонит событие
В предместье за чахлый лесок?
Там зонтики белою пеною,
Мальчишки и люди степенные,
Звенят палашами военные,
Оркестр играет вальсок.

Ах, лётчик отчаянный Уточкин,
Шоферские вам не идут очки.
Ну что за нелепые шуточки -
Скользить по воздушной струе?
И так ли уж вам обязательно,
Чтоб вставшие к празднику затемно,
Глазели на вас обыватели,
Роняя свои канотье?

Коляскам тесно у обочины.
Взволнованы и озабочены,
Толпятся купцы и рабочие,
И каждый без памяти рад
Увидеть, как в небе над городом,
В пространстве, наполненном холодом,
Под звуки нестройного хора дам
Нелепый парит аппарат.

Он так неуклюж и беспомощен!
Как парусник, ветром влеком ещё,
Опору в пространстве винтом ища,
Несётся он над головой.
Такая забава не кстати ли?
За отпрысков радуйтесь, матери,
Поскольку весьма занимателен
Сей праздничный трюк цирковой.

Куда, петербургские жители,
Толпою весёлой бежите вы?
Не стелют свой след истребители
У века на самой заре,
Свод неба пустынен и свеж ещё,
Достигнут лишь первый рубеж ещё..
Не завтра ли бомбоубежище
Отроют у вас во дворе?


Disney princesses

Мадам Накамура-Бранчевска
I used to scoff at people who complained about lack of diversity among Disney princesses. "I don't look like a Disney princess, and it doesn't faze me" said I. "Who cares" said I.
Well, I was wrong. I've recently witnessed a person realize that she looks just like a Disney princess (Rapunzel, Aurora and Elsa, to be precise - long-haired blue-eyed blonde). Apparently it's a realization that can make a three-year-old blissfully happy, and I am sorry for scoffing at the very real deprivation of the three-year-olds who do not get to experience it.

Not that failing to experience one particular joyful event is all that life-altering. I mean, there are three-year-olds out there who've never tried sushi, and no one makes a fuss about it, but still. I shouldn't have scoffed.



Мадам Накамура-Бранчевска
"Hans is worried because the servants are starting to speak in poetry and there is a Wittenstein legend that this always happens just before misfortune strikes "

"She brought only kindness and love. So they are compassionate in merely sentencing her to death "

To make this weirder- it was written in France, in 1938.


Мадам Накамура-Бранчевска
Бывают люди видящие невидимые для меня цвета. И много.



Мадам Накамура-Бранчевска
Со спины
... сильнее, чем могла бы рассказать,
поэтому я просто подхожу, за плечи обнимаю и целую
любимое прекрасное лицо - висок и лоб, холодный кончик носа
и губы, улыбнувшиеся мне

Татьяна Некрасова

Marion Zimmer Bradley

Мадам Накамура-Бранчевска

I hadn't known that she was a monster. She was never a favorite writer for me (in fact, I got a stern lecture from the English teacher on not writing derogatory book reports after Mists of Avalon), but there's a world of difference between "important-ish writer I happen to dislike" and "true evil".

Definitely puts Lukianenko into perspective.

Kama Sutra

Мадам Накамура-Бранчевска
A long while ago (2007) I did a post on skills a good prostitute ought to have per Vatsyayana. At the time my score was 23/64. Just came upon it by accident and decided to re-check, since MBA+motherhood+experience=profit, right? Sooo:
Read more...Collapse )

OK, but what's the point?

"A public woman endowed with a good disposition, beauty, and other winning qualities and also versed in the above arts obtains the name of a Ganika, or public woman of high quality , and receives a seat of honor in an assemblage of men. She is, moreover, always respected by the king, and praised by learned men, and her favor being sought for by all, she becomes an object of universal regard. The daughter of a king, too, as well as the daughter of a minister, being learned in the above arts can make their husbands favorable to them, even though these may have thousands of other wives besides themselves. And in the same manner, if a wife becomes separated from her husband and falls into distress she can support herself easily, even in a foreign country, by means of her knowledge of these arts. "

I barely score a B-, 43/64=67.2%. Tell me o Vatsyayana, is my case hopeless?
"Even the bare knowledge of them gives attractiveness to a woman, though the practice of them may be possible only according to the circumstances of each case."

Yay! But what about equal opportunity?
"A man who is versed in these arts, who is loquacious and acquainted with the arts of gallantry, gains very soon the hearts of women, even though he is acquainted with them for only a short time"

And now you know. Go forth and improve yourselves!



Мадам Накамура-Бранчевска
Искала слэш с пэйрингом Андрей Болконский/Дуб.  Нашла прекрасное.  Вот, порадуйтесь со мною: http://lemert.livejournal.com/256079.html


Мадам Накамура-Бранчевска
По вине levkonoe во второй раз в жизни пожарила блины.  Вышло куда лучше, чем четверть века назад, съедобно и ни одного кома. 

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